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We research the Air Compressor Market so you don't have to. Any Garage or DIY workshop must have an Air Compressor. In a workshop situation, a Compressed Air Supply is must have utility like Water or Electricity. There are a variety of applications: such as tyre inflation, paint-spraying, stapling and nailing that cannot operate without a compressed air supply. 

Professional and Industrial Air Compressors

These are designed to run of domestic electricity supply
and are particularly useful for workshop and DIY applications

These air compressors will satisfy the air requirements of garages, small factories, workshops and farms. These compressors must be wired in via an isolator switch
(Similar to domestic electric Cooking)

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DIY and Semi Professional

These are designed to run of domestic electricity supply and are particularly useful for workshop and DIY applications such as large scale spraying (paint, varnish, preservatives etc.), nailing, stapling, polishing, sanding and garage use. These air compressors are ideal for most tasks

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Petrol and Diesel Driven Air Compressors

These Air Compressor are usually Gasoline engine driven, and with a robust and heavy duty compressor pump. The are an ideal choice for numerous commercial operators who require a reliable source of compressed air on site and remote from mains electricity.

They can be fitted inside a truck for tire repairs on the highway.

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Screw Type Air Compressors

All the pressure with none of the stress. These screw type compressors allow for easy installation and benefits from compact designs which helps to save on space.Advanced controller with backlit display features weekly programmable timer, remote control, auto-restart after power failure, maintenance planning, compressor and fan status, oil temperature, alarm log and inverter use percentage.

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Bare Replacement Air Compressor Pumps

Sometimes a Piston Air Compressor pump will fail, but still be repairable. i.e. A cylinder head not tightened down, allowing air to escape. Or a spring valve inside the head not working properly. Or indeed the Non-return valve on the tank gummed up and easily cleaned with a toothbrush.

These are cheap fixes as the Major Brands have repair kits at a fraction of the cost of a new pump or complete compressor. However, if your luck is not in, and the pump has had a catastrophic failure and is past the point where it is economically repairable, then the next cheapest fix is to replace the pump.

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Ultra Quiet Air Compressors

Where low, or very low noise levels are desired then these virtually silent in operation air compressors are an absolutely ideal choice! And they also offer high performance and plus portability too. All these great features means they are particularly suitable Air Compressors for use in places such as offices, shops, studios, laboratories, surgeries and small workshops where noise is either unacceptable or an annoying distraction.

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